Eyes that Love
Randi, Age 14, Edmonton, AB

Apple of the tree
Apple of my eye
Eyes that see
Eyes are blind
Blind men grope
Blind will see
See the hope
See the light
Light that dims
Light that shines
Shines with glory
Shines so bright
Bright lights
Bright nights
Nights that are long
Nights are dark
Dark is alone
Dark is overcome
Overcome with love
Overcome with faith
Faith conquers
Faith believes
Believes in mercy
Believes in forgiving
Forgiving our mistakes
Forgiving our past
Past that haunts
Past that lives
Lives in us
Lives with fear
Fear of our selves
Fear that sticks
Sticks in our mind
Sticks in our life
Life of disappointment
Life of regret
Regrets are forgiven
Regret is behind
Behind our troubles
Behind our pain
Pain of yesterday
Pain is healed
Healed forever
Healed hearts
Hearts are saved
Hearts that love
Love that cares
Love unconditionally

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