Grave of Thorns
Hannah, Age 13, Aurora, OR

                      Everything in my world has been drained of color
Then painted over in shades of grey and black,
The world has seemed this way for awhile now
Nothing will ever be the same after today,
Because it seems like there is a gap missing in my chest.
This pain is enough to kill,
And yet here I stand,
Wondering why you turned on me,
And I may never know why. . .
You stabbed me, and then took a chunk away,
This pain is unbearable. . .
Even though no one can see,
I am snapped and bleeding,
Thanks for leaving. . .
You have never really understood
What it was like to put up with you. . .
And now I sit here. . .
Wondering what went wrong . . .
and why you turned on me,
I get up and turn in circles
Seeing nothing but blurs
If you were to see my face
You wouldnít be able to tell,
That something is terribly wrong with me.
As everything is blurring by,
Thorns grow and consume everything that was living,
They start to stretch to me
As they touch my feet
I donít make a noise,
Because this is not the pain I am used to.
They grow up the length of my legs,
And stretch to my neck,
They have consumed me completely,
There is nothing anyone can do,
Even though I wish something could be done. . .
I know that all is over, and done for. . .
And now I am gone. . .
I canít see anything now as it passes,
Because of this grave of thorns.

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