Ashley, Age 12, Fall River, NS

                      Grey is a pencil lead
helping to write ideas inside our head

Grey can be some metals or silver
that awards a second place winner

Grey is a rain cloud
that sometimes makes a rumbling sound

Grey is some ground pepper
waiting to be shaken onto your supper

Grey is the colour of a dead tree
Falling, sinking, plummeting down to Mother Earth

Grey is the Moon (or Luna, as some ancient people called it)
encircling Earth in an invisible orbit

Grey is the taste of death
A sour, bittersweet taste on your tongue

Grey is the colour of a gloomy, autumn wind
A frigid, penetrating gust, attacking your soul with every breeze

Grey is the colour of a dolphin
shooting skywards from the mild ocean

Grey is the colour of smoke
hurling itself towards the heavens in a crazy-hot choking cloud

Grey is the colour of a newspaper
filled with millions of words, all stamped onto a
silky smooth page

Grey is the colour of forgetfulness
like a cloud engulfing memories from long ago

Grey can be the drowsy bags under a person's eyes
after an exhausting day or a sleepless night

Grey definitely is a dying whiteboard marker
wasting away with each lick of the board

Grey can be the colour of puffy mould on a withered strawberry
covering the fruit in a thick veil

Grey is the colour of a lake in the middle of winter
when there are a few seagulls and ice pieces bobbing on the
hypothermic waters

Grey is the colour of cold ashes after a long fire
hiding beneath some partially burned cedar

Grey is also a very mellow colour
A colour that helps find inner peace or Zen

Grey is the colour you feel when you want to say 'sorry'
A troubling colour that makes you think,
"Will this person accept my apology?"

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