The Beast of New Jersey
Breyden, Age 15, Kelowna, BC

Chapter One
New Jersey, among the oldest states in the U.S., is home to nine million people. But away from the sprawling cities lies an isolated region known as the Pine Barrens. This place is home to birds, deer, and something supernatural. A cursed demonic creature said to prowl this forest. Its terrifying screeches and screams echo through the forest. It is said to rampage on its path, terrifying all that come in its way. Now, a bunch of campers have picked the wrong spot to take a break.

"Now this is more like it," said seventeen year old Max Leeds. He was a descendant of the Leeds family, which dates back to 1735. He loved the Pine Barrens, and now he was going to camp with his friend, Cole, and his girlfriend, Marina. They made firewood, telling all the good times they had before they got together. Max was popular himself at his school and took pride in friends and family. But one thing he didn't take pride in was that there was a monster in his family tree.

Chapter Two

Deep in the forest, something stirred up the peace. The creature was about seven feet tall, but with a body like a kangaroo, with goat like hooves on its feet and most horrifically huge bat wings with a span of eight feet. It had superb agility and it had a huge smell advantage. It also had the ability to sense things around it. It had three clawed fingers, like a velociraptor, but with much sharper nails. The abomination's piercing eyes flashed through the darkness. Meanwhile, Max and his friends settled in for the night. While Max was dreaming, something entered the camp, looking for something to prey on. But it was already holding a victim in its mouth. A freshly killed deer, a male, but the predator was about three to fives times stronger. It had smelled their scent and gone to look into the tent. It looked around blankly, then caught Max sleeping. Its facial expression changed from a stern look to almost a grin. It took out its bony, three clawed hands to feel Max's skin. But it decided to do more. Its foot kicked softly in his stomach, then he woke up to see nothing.

Chapter Three

Still wondering what had happened, he got out of bed and started to look in the forest. With his flashlight and the camera, he set out into the forest. Three hours passed, nothing?..twenty minutes, nothing..thirty minutes, noth--HISSSSS. He turned to look, but the sound was coming from the opposite side now. Just then, he turned back...WAMM. He got hit and turned around to see the face of the terror that terrified his ancestral family before. He screamed, but the creature's roar was too loud to be out sounded. The creature threw him onto another tree, then without Max realizing it, leapt forward and with one punch sheered the bark and two layers of bark off the tree. Max managed to dodge the attack, but it grabbed him by the throat. Max was horrified, pale as paper. Because he was too weak to move, the creature lifted him into the air, and then finally it dropped onto his tent. Then his friends were surprised, but looked up to see the creature going straight towards him. The three could
almost read its mind, as if it were saying: Let's wrap this up! Just then it disappeared into the night.

Chapter Four

Max didn't need to go to the hospital, but he did need to be put under psychiatric observation. The doctors could not tell what could've caused him to go wild. They could only tell he was really scared by who knows what. For Max, he saw a terror that locals report seeing. A creature that locals call The Jersey Devil. It is said to be a demonic creature that lives in the Pine Barrens of central New Jersey. No one knows why it came to live in our world, but whatever it may be, it is terrifying for those who claim they've seen it. For now, Max sticks to his story and will never forget the experience. The Beast of New Jersey will always remain a mystery and a terror for those who see it.

The End

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