Keep Going Back
Sharayah, Age 15, Edmonton, AB

                      You try to run
You try to hide
But you canít escape it.

It is inevitable.
Or so you thought.

They told you it could have been avoided;
The same people who encouraged it.
You knew what you were doing.
The deeper you went the greater the consequence.
But you didnít care.
All you wanted was to be loved.
But you received the opposite.
Trust and respect;
It has all been stolen from you.
You wanted it back.
But you didnít know how to get it;
Since you kept going back
To what you should have walked away from;
Walked away from them,
The same people who encouraged it.
But they were the only ones
Who had love for you.
Or so you thought.
It turned out you were all alone.
You had been betrayed;
Yet again.
So you kept going back
To what you should have
Walked away from.
Trust and respect
Were still absent;
And you knew why.
It was because you kept going back,
But you couldnít help it.
Love was never going to return.
You wouldnít let it.
You wouldnít accept love,
Because it hadnít accepted you.
You didnít want to feel
Hurt and neglect.
So you kept going back.
You had no desires;
Except to get away.
You didnít care anymore.
So you kept going back.

It could have been avoided;
But you thought it was inevitable.

You tried to run
You tried to hide
But you couldnít escape it.

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