The Legend
Carlos, Age 13, Hubbard, OR

It was the year 1992 in Mexico, Mexico City. A baby was being born, a small baby boy. His mom called him Felipe, Felipe Gonzalez; he was named after his great grandfather. His mom Alejandra and his dad Julio were happy that they had a second child.

A week later he was free to go home with his parents. They got to the apartment; it was a two story building. It was not much: one bedroom and two bathrooms. It was liveable, but the kitchen and living room were big. They had a couch and a big window from which you could see the sunset. Dad worked in construction and mom stayed home to take care of Felipe and his older brother, Alex. On Sunday they would all go to church.
Five years passed by fast and Felipe was ready to go to his first day of school. He was very nervous. He even started to cry, telling his mom again and again that he did not want to go. But he went. His mom drove him to school and watched him go inside and left. Felipe almost peed his pants; then he saw an old friend, Juan. They met when they were just babies in a day care center.

“Hi, Felipe how have you been?” asked Juan.


Juan showed him around the school. At recess Juan and his other friend played soccer. Felipe did not know how to play. Juan was a pro for his age. School was over. Felipe’s mom picked him from school. He was happy. Felipe asked his mom if he could go to the park. He got there and saw Juan, who showed him how to play. They played until sunset, then they walked home. The next day Felipe couldn’t find Juan; he was not at school. He wasn’t worried, but he went to his house to see if he could play. His mom opened the door slowly; she was crying about something.

“Why are you crying?” said Felipe.

She did not answer but told him that if he promised that he would not cry, she would tell him.

“Juan was kidnapped last night when he was walking home. We got a call saying that Juan was taken and that they want two million dollars by the end of the week and if they do not get the money they will kill him.”

Felipe was in shock. He wanted to cry, but he didn’t. Felipe told Juan's mother something. He said to her something that no one knew about him.

“Ma'am, your son told me something yesterday at the park. It was that when he was big he wanted to play professional soccer.”

That moment Felipe left out the door and as soon as he turned the corner he ran home. He prayed that Juan would come home, but there was horrible news: they had found him dead. From that day he made a promise that he would carry out what Juan had promised. He went back to Juan's house but no one was there.

Eleven year passed and they moved to Guadalajara, Mexico. Felipe was eighteen years old. He practiced all the time. He got better and he was chosen to be in Chivas de Guadalajara’s Academy. He got there and saw many familiar faces, like his friends from school, Fernando and Julio, and his brother, Alex. Alex was more likely to play with the pro team. Fernando, Julio and his brother had been there for two years already, and Felipe and Cesar had been there for a year. Alex and his brother went home. On the way they saw the Beautiful Estadio Jalisco. Felipe remembered his friend Juan and the dream that he had. They arrived home and once they got inside they saw their mom on the phone. She said it was for them.

‘Gentlemen, I want you to come to the stadium at 6’clock in the morning and don’t be late,” said a guy.

The next day they arrived to the stadium. They went inside. They saw two business men. They got closer and it was the coach and the president of FC Barcelona. They were exited but confused about why they were here. They sat down to talk.

“Alex, Felipe, how would you like to play for Barcelona?” smiled the coach.

Felipe said no because he did not feel ready but his brother said yes. Two weeks passed and Alex left for Barcelona the same day Felipe was promoted to the pro team. His first game was against the their rival, America. He went in at the half, and as soon as he got in he scored a goal! They won the game.

The season went on. They won the cup. Felipe scored 15 goals in 14 games. But on the other hand his brother only scored 1 goal in 4 games. They both got called for the national team and qualified for the World Cup. Days later Felipe was transferred to the club. He wanted to play with Barcelona. His mom and dad we happy for them. He arrived at the airport and lots of fan were there. He got to Camp Nou Stadium and they gave him a shirt with the number 80. He played the next day and he looked up to the sky and saw Juan. They won the game plus the cup and the UEFA Champions League. He played for 17 seasons and returned to play with Chivas for 2 more seasons. And then he retired from the national team.

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