The Magic Remote Control II
Nathan, Age 9, Harlingen, TX

Jacob Summers' life had taken its first step towards madness the day his parents, Trent and Rebecca Summers, decided to move into an old, run down house. It paled in comparison with the glory of their old house, a majestic palace-like house, which had towered over their whole town.

Now Summers lay on a ripped, very lumpy bed. "My... life...stinks!" he said, shouting and jumping back. He stared at the reason for his terror - a cockroach! The bug disappeared under the sheets. In a shaky kind of bravery, Jacob lifted the sheets up revealing a lumpy package. He unwrapped the brown package: a remote control, of all things, lay in the palm of his hand. He unfolded the piece of paper it had been wrapped in. It read:

Beware the 9th button! A remote haunted leads to a world divided by a screen
                                                                                       -Max Revolton

"Huh?" he searched for the ninth button on the remote. Finding it, he pointed it at the old, broken TV in the corner. He hesitated for a second. His thumb pressed down. "Wha-" Jacob screamed. The TV was pulling, pulling..."Sloop!" He was blinded by white light. He grabbed the bedside table, but his grip was weak and finger after finger slipped off. "Noooo!" he cried. The sound soon faded...Jacob Summers was gone.

Jacob woke up. He was in a black room. Light shone down on the spot where he sat. A shadow fell over his head, obscuring the light source. He looked up and saw the remote falling. He grabbed it. Then he discovered the light source was a square - beyond it was...his room! He recalled the letter, "A remote haunted leads to a world divided by a screen"...

He pressed the ON button. Zzzzzzz! A loud droning sound filled his ears. He looked up. A giant man was snoring. Jacob scrambled back in fear. "Gah!" His hand pressed on the remote. Two humongous numbers appeared. Sloop! He was in a Star Wars episode. A light saber barely missed his neck. Blaster fire ripped past him. "I'm out!" he yelled.

He randomly typed numbers...Sloop!

Jacob looked around him. Sean Connery (James Bond) raced by him. Five armed guards raced past him, chasing after Bond. "Anything else?" Jacob wondered aloud, looking down the hall. "I shouldn't have said that!" he screamed. A wall of fire and smoke raced after him. Jacob Summers ran for dear life. His jacket caught fire. Typing numbers rapidly on the remote, he chucked the jacket into a blazing inferno. Sloop!

Thunk!. "Ohh!" Jacob surveyed his surroundings: a black room. Three large creatures descended on him. He looked up at them. "Are you the chosen one?" the largest asked. "N-no." "He lies!" said the smallest creature. "Destroy him!" cried the largest one. Charging forward, Jacob screamed, "I-I'm no chosen one! I'm a spoiled rich kid!" The largest creature raised its spear. Jacob typed number after number. Nothing worked. Finally, he pressed the ninth button. Sloop! He was gone. The spear pierced the ground.

Jacob woke up on his bed, the remote in hand. He stared at it, then dropped it in the trash. "Never again!" he exclaimed. But indeed it would occur again, five years later, when another kid picked up the remote once more - but that's another story...

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