The Beast of Ontario
Breyden, Age 15, Kelowna, BC

Chapter One
Ontario has the largest city in Canada and also is the fifth province in Canada. Nestled 200 miles away from the nearest city is the remote Snelgrove Lake. This is home to deer, bears…….and something terrifying. In 2003, a hunting cabin along the shore of this lake became the target of rocks, sticks were thrown at people and once the cabin was entirely wrecked from the inside; for example, a sink was ripped from the wall. There also have been close encounters with a large, hairy animal. Now, a group of hunting friends will feel just what it’s like to be hunted.

Bob Reiger is a hunter in northern Ontario. He typically hunts deer, but he likes going to Snelgrove Lake as well. As a part time fisherman, he loves to fish in this area every June. This time, he brought along his friends Robert and Glen to the area. But strangely, Glen was very unsure about this place because he heard about the cabin being trashed and everything on the floor. But his friends reassured him that it was just a one time event and it’d never happen again. As they got around the fire:

“Hey, Glen, how’s everything at home?” asked Bob.

“Great.  The kids and I are going smoothly,” answered Glen.

As they talked…something was watching.

Chapter Two

Suddenly, something in the bushes grunted. The three turned around…..nothing. A branch flew out of the forest……and hit Robert in the head. They were puzzled, but shook it off. As they slept through the night, one of the cameras set up by the three around the cabin picked up something on the lens. It was tall and hairy, but the image was clear enough. It was heading towards the cabin.

Glen, at this time, was sleeping. When he heard something snort, he looked……to see a hand smash through window.


Chapter Three

“OH NO…..”

Bob and Robert rushed to the scene…only to find blood smeared walls and his sack.  Both were shocked and confused at the same time….and they felt as if something was actually in the cabin.

They heard it and rushed to the scene… see a hairy thing walk out from the cabin into the woods. Then Robert said:

“Please don’t tell me that...”

“Y-Yes, I did.

Chapter Four

After the encounter, RCMP rushed to the scene by helicopter. They were unable to find Glen's body. Bob and Robert never told anyone except for Glen’s family about this terrifying event. Myths and sightings of large, hairy beasts lumbering through the woods are numerous, but an encounter like this has never been reported. Bob and Robert become best friends as they both have memories of a creature that is tall and hairy….which could be responsible for the cabin damaged, along with throwing rocks and sticks. We’re now confronted with a large question on our hands:

Does it live among us?

The End

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