You Poor Insane Little Fool
Hannah, Age 13, Aurora, OR

                      While I stand in this hole
I start to wonder why,
Why did I even bother?
Everything has come crashing down,
Causing me to fall,
From one thing to the next,
Hitting all my sore points,
You hang them over my head,
And smile while you do.
You think yourself immortal,
And you will never know
That I will move on . . . you will not.
All was over when you said goodbye,
And now it seems all I can do is die.
I did not mean to be dramatic. . .
But it is a part of who I am.
I had to put up with you being rude,
So why should I have ever bothered?
You used me as a tool
To get to someone else,
I know now that you never cared for me,
So as you walk by,
Look the other way,
Donít talk to me today,
Because you never tried to understand,
You poor . . . insane little fool.

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