The Promotion
Jason, Age 14, Edmonton, AB

Jillian is a single mom of three who works very hard to provide for her family. The youngest of her three children is Julia, who is in grade six; the middle daughter, Elizabeth, is in grade nine; and the oldest daughter, Bella, is in grade eleven. This past weekend she had a very important project that she worked on and was supposed to present to her boss today. The reason that this project was such a big deal was because if Jillian's boss liked it, she would get a promotion. If she got the promotion, then Jillian and her kids would have to move to New York. So when Jillian woke up she was so relieved that the presentation was today.

She downloaded all of her work on a computer chip and put it in her purse. After she got ready for work, she woke up her kids and got breakfast ready for them because she was happy that today was the day that she would get the promotion. As soon as her daughters woke up, they all went to the kitchen to see what was for breakfast because they could smell it. Normally they have to get their own breakfast. They asked their mom why she made them breakfast, and she asked, "Is it a crime to make breakfast for your kids nowadays?" They were still surprised, but they ate the great breakfast. She had made pancakes with blackberry syrup , bacon and eggs and hot chocolate. Jillian was watching her kids enjoy their breakfast until she realized that she was going to be late for work if she didn't get a move on.

Jillian grabbed her coat and hugged the girls before she ran out the door to catch her bus. The bus was just getting ready to go when she waved for him to wait. She was just climbing on when someone ran by and grabbed her purse. There wasn't anything that she could do as the thief got lost in the crowd. The bus driver told her she should report it to the police. She decided to go to her office first to explain to her boss what happened. Her boss felt sorry for her and told her she should take the day off and report it to the police. He did ask her if she could email her presentation to him from her computer files. Jillian had to tell him she didn't save the work on her computer because it would take up to much file space.

She left the office soon after that and headed to the police station. She filled out a report and told them what happened.

A few of the questions they asked were, "Was it a girl or a boy?," "Did they hurt you?," "Did they take anything else, or just your purse?," and "What was in your purse?" The questions just seemed to go on forever. Those were just a few of the many questions that were asked. After being at the police station for what felt like hours,Jillian was exhausted and she couldn't wait to get home.

When Jillian got home she went straight to her room and started to cry because all her hard work was gone. She tried to stop crying, but just couldn't and cried herself to sleep. When she finally woke up and came out of her room, she looked like she had been hit by a bus. When the girls saw her they felt bad, knowing they were the ones that had taken their mom's purse by pretending to be a purse snatcher because they didn't want her to get the promotion. They decided to tell their mom what they did and gave the purse back to her. They said that it was because they didn't want to move to New York that they took her purse. They told their mom how sorry they were and asked her to forgive them. Jillian gave them all a big huge hug and told them she loved them and all they had to do was tell her they didn't want to move.

The next day Jillian went to work and gave the computer chip to her boss and showed him the presentation. Jillian got the promotion but asked if there was any way she could do the job without having to move. Her boss said yes, and so Jillian still works in the same building, but now she is the assistant manager of the company and everyone is happy.

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