The Story of a Tree
Katie, Age 14, Howell, MI

Since the beginning of time I have sat in these woods; since God All-Mighty created me I have stood. I have seen everything in this rain forest, from the small fish playing hide and seek in the nearby creek, to the frolicking frogs playing leap-frog through the forest floor. I have heard the rumors of the running stream, the beautiful song of a canary; I have heard a baby bird’s first chirp, and the growl of a newborn cub.

But alas, I have also seen burning fire as it has ripped lives from the bodies of those who cherished the unusual heat. I have heard the cries of a dying baby as it is slaughtered, the pleas of its desperate parents, and the shrieking roar of an angry machine as it tears down our home, bringing about Death himself.

Beauty and Death, Myth and Man, Sunshine and Darkness, I have learned that they are all inside of us, through the best of times…and the worst.

It is amazing what a tree can learn as it sits for years and years, but what’s also just as interesting is the stories we can tell.

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