Daring the Truth
Allie, Age 15, Edmonton, AB

                      I'm drowning, can't breathe. I suffocate.
My mind is slipping away.
Yet my head is as clouded as it's always been.
Peace is far from here.
I'm screaming, I'm crying,
I am livid but no one knows.
Emotion climbs up these solid walls
But I crush its attempt.

Solitude is no longer a friend,
Yet I am betrayed by everyone.
I can no longer withstand it.
I'll die my own death
Then I must live my own life.
This moment I'm numb;
Numb to the evil; dreading the good.
Dare I say it?

I knew that life to be a lie,
However a lie should hurt me,
But it is the truth that destroys me.
Or is it really truth?
Can the truth be false?
May freedom come from a so called lie?
This is why I fall apart;
Why I cannot even sustain myself.

I was thrown into an ocean of thoughts;
Treading water I can bear no longer.
I am tired and weary.
I'm falling to pieces.
Dare I say it, and let my soul go?
This lie has blossomed to fate;
Fate that I must rejudge.

The tide washes me ashore.
I am left with one single thought,
As I stand released from the current.
Dare I say it?
It was He who was in the tide
That so reassuringly pulled me ashore--and this is fate.

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