The Unknown Kid
Abner, Age 14, Donald, OR

There was once a kid named Angel. He had lived at an orphanage since he was three months old. His parents didn’t want him, so they left him. Ten years later, Angel was finally ten years old. A family came in the orphanage and they saw Angel. They thought he was cute, so they adopted him, and finally Angel was adopted.

When Angel was adopted by this family, he was the only child. These parents were hated in the country; everybody would just try to come at them, but Angel's family would run away. When this family from Angel's country came and wanted to beat up Angel's family, he was really scared. When they would come in, actually try to come in, you would hear the hardest knocking ever. Every time that would happen, Angel would just go hide under his bed and be scared.

But one day Angel went over to the playground. He went to play over by the swing sets. Then, somehow, when he jumped off of the swing set, he flew, he flew up very high and the weird thing is that nobody noticed him.

Angel was so excited that he went home and started thinking. “That was pretty awkward and cool,” said Angel.

But when Angel was in his room somehow he had the force. He would be able to pick up things without even touching them. His body looked bigger. So one time, some bad guys were knocking on Angel's front door. They sounded mean. He tried to look out through the window. With his force he picked them up and set them right where they belonged, which was their house.

After all of that happened, Angel came up with a nickname and suit, and he was called “Super Angel."

One time he called his friend and he said,” I will meet you in the alleyway.” When they met there, he showed him that he had the force and could fly and turn into whatever he wanted. His friend just stood there gawking at him. After all of this happened, he became one of the most admired persons ever.

Then this had to happen... Angel came to his house and went inside and called his mom. “Mom, Dad, anybody here?” said Angel

“We're coming,” called his parents.

“I need to tell you something,” said Angel.

“What?” asked the parents.

“I am going to live by myself. As you guys can see, I have already grown up and now I can take care of myself, so I'll see you guys later". He left and his parents stood there and moved away. After all of that had happened, Super Angel disappeared and never, ever came back. This was a good life for him because he just went out and saved the world and saved lots of people's lives.

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