Where Wishes Come True
Stacey, Age 14, Hubbard, OR

“Awesome, there’s a forest,” exclaimed Shane. “I will be back in a couple of hours, Mommy!”

Shane was five and a half years old, so he still had to tell his mom everything.

“Okay, honey, be careful and don’t hurt yourself,” said Shane’s mom. She loved him so much she didn’t want anything bad to happen to him. She usually took him out to walk and the whole time she held his hand. “You might miss Teletubbies though.”

“That’s okay, Mommy, you can record it for me,” said Shane. That was his favorite show and he never missed an episode. Shane walked into the forest and heard a crunching noise. When he turned around, he saw an owl eating toast. A squirrel threw a nut at his head and then he started walking again.
He kept walking and soon saw a bright light that was very pretty and had a long bushy tail. Shane petted the unicorn and said, “You are a unicorn standing in the bright light." This unicorn was special because it was teal. It was a very pretty unicorn. Shane’s favorite color was teal because it was the prettiest color in the world to him.

“Don’t call me pretty ever again, little boy,” said the unicorn. “My name is Ben and I’m a boy unicorn; actually, I think I am the only boy unicorn left on the face of the earth. It gets kind of lonely sometimes being all by myself all the time.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you were lonely. Hey, I could be your friend if you want me to,” said Shane. Shane had lots of friends in his neighbourhood, so he didn’t really know how it felt to be alone all the time.

Ben said, “If you want to be my friend, you have to catch me!” He started running very fast away from Shane. Shane was a very fast little kid though, so he was able to catch up with Ben. Ben turned around to see where Shane was, and wasn’t paying attention so he fell into a river. There was water all over the place because of the huge splash that Ben made when he fell into the water.

Shane fished Ben out of the river and when he was all the way out of the water he had a taco on his head. This was no ordinary taco; this was a talking taco fish. Shane was hungry so he tried to eat the talking taco fish. “Stop, don’t eat me,” said the talking taco fish. “My name is Sam, and I am a magic talking taco fish. If you don’t eat me I will grant you two and a half wishes.”

“Okay. I want real Transformers, a lifetime supply of candy, and a million toy cars,” said Shane. Those were his favorite things in the world. He already had a lot of toy cars, but he could never have too many toy cars.

Shane only got five hundred thousand cars but other than that everything was perfect. After Shane ate Sam, he took Ben home and asked his mom if he could keep him, and she said yes. All Shane had to do was clean up after Ben. Then everyone except for Sam lived happily ever after. Shane and Ben watched Teletubbies every day together.

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