Margaret, Age 12, Barrie, ON

Camilla was floating on her back serenely, watching above, regarding the sky in its own peaceful bubble. The peach and lavender tinged clouds nudged the brim of the heavens, and the heavens fluttered their delicate eyes open, yawning streams and graceful ribbons of dusty golden sunlight to wrap themselves around the sprawling and mossy green hills, and to splendidly lift them from their moss kissed haze.

The sea was wreathed in dense fog, holding together hidden beauty through silver velvet curtains. The earth was producing a prestigious show, yes indeed, a show to a person of no absolute obliviousness to nature’s unorthodox methods.

Camilla was in awe, and didn’t notice any activity in the sea below until she felt a scaly creature brush her leg. She looked down and saw that several multi coloured fish were gathered in a funnel around her feet, and splashed around as if sending a warning of looming peril, scurrying through the sea’s multi hued depth with almost worry. Camilla looked again, and they had formed the shape of a large fish, with menacing teeth, sharp fangs, and almost an angle of a condescending manner. It struck a pang through Camilla’s chest, like the slash of an axe; droplets of fear spread infectiously around her throat and chest. Could this be a warning? She looked ahead; two dolphins were splashing nervously and calling out shrilly numerous times.

Then Camilla, a girl of much enlightenment of the oceans (because of her living on a sea encircled island nearby), had a revelation: the large fish she presumed was being acted out was actually a shark, venomous and deadly. She plunged through the surface and started ripples. She slowly opened her eyes, and only metres away was her shark. It was gathered in a dark, disturbing cloud of a shadow of navy water, baring vibrant pink gums and teeth like stalactites, ominous in their own nature. Now it was time to act.

Camilla forcefully kicked to the light sea blue surface, to a patch of warming sunlight, and followed the dolphins' calls. She hopped on one of their backs, and they glided through several strong currents and foamy waves, faster than any shark could go. They reached her island and parked under a vine, which Camilla grabbed onto and slithered halfway upward. She was wrapped around the vine extension, trembling while a large and heavily massed shark was chomping on the end of it. She swung backward and landed in a coconut tree, and sat there damp and panting with exasperation for a little while. Below her, pink orchids and flashes of rainbow butterflies were scattered throughout sprawling sand. The gentle and the barbarous or even truculent creatures of the sea had awakened her to nature’s ability today, and for that she was thankful and rueful all at once.

The End

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