Bank Robbery
Mario, Age 14, Aurora, OR

One day there was a group of kids. Their names were Poncho, Chris, Bill, and Bob. All of them were sixteen and seventeen. They got the idea of robbing a bank so they could help their parents pay the bills. They started to talk about how they were going to do something this big without getting caught. They had to come up with the best plan, so they could get away fast. They decided to do it. They planned on going on Saturday when the Bank of America opened at around nine in the morning.

When they got to the bank, a few people were waiting for it to open. When the doors opened, they waited for a few minutes. Then Poncho, Chris, and Bill got out of the car and were wearing ski masks and full body armor. As they were walking into the bank, a cop saw them as they went in and called for back up. As the armed teenagers went into the bank, they shot several rounds into the air and told everybody to get down. Then Chris went to the safe. He took all the money out of the safe, then he locked everybody in it.
The three guys came out in a hurry. As they walked out of the bank they saw at least fifty cop cars with more than seventy cops out behind their cars. Poncho, Chris, and Bill look at each other for a few seconds…Bam - a hail of gunfire that sounded like canons came from the three armed men shooting fully automatic AK 47s. A long pause happened as the reloaded their guns. The cops saw this as an opportunity to try to shoot at them; they shot several times, having no effect on them. Then more gun shots came from the gun that was made for war, the AK 47.

After firing all thirty rounds from that clip, they made a run for their car. Bob waited anxiously for them to get in the car. As they got in they saw a couple of cops trying to get to them. Poncho shot and killed them; they took off as fast as they could down the freeway to the border of Mexico, as S.W.A.T. teams, cops and helicopters followed them. They shot at the cars when they tried to get near them. Cops tried everything they could do, but the robbers' high powered guns did not let them get within ten feet of them. As the cops stayed back, the guys counted the money; they counted more then six hundred thousand dollars in cash.

They shot at the cars every now and then so they would keep their distance. They thought that they would be able to get away.

They thought wrong.

As they got closer to the border, they were so happy that they would get away. The cops knew they had to act quickly or they would get away. The cops had a plan to try to make the car spin out of control. Two very brave cops got close to the car; almost right away the robbers started to shoot at them. The cops pulled back and slowed down. Then they tried it again.  This time one cop went in front and slowed them down, and then the other cop hit the car almost making them spin out of control. The cop car in front stopped and hit them in front and all three cars lost control and went off the road. The cops quickly surrounded them. Poncho and Chris came out with their AK 47s and started to shoot at them. The cops shot and killed Poncho, and Chris was attacked by a K-9 and brought down.

Bill came out with his hands up and gave up. Bob came out with a pistol and the cops shot him in his arm and leg. The cops rushed towards them to arrest them. Later that year all three were put on trial and pleaded guilty to armed robbery and the murder of two cops. They were sent to jail with a double life sentence. Now they are in the San Quentin State Prison in California.

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