The Beast of Dover
Breyden, Age 15, Kelowna, BC

Chapter One 

Dover, Massachusetts, 1977. Four teenagers driving down a desolate road suddenly came into contact...with an unearthly creature. They described it as the size of a deer, with a watermelon-shaped head and with spindly arms and legs with long fingers. They also claim that it lives in the trees, waiting to startle a victim. They also say its screech is like a hawk's and snake's combined.
One hour later, Bill Bartlett was walking home when he encountered this creature. He said its eyes glowed with an orange color and scared him off. The Dover Demon as it was called is now part of Dover’s history.

Thirteen-year-old Allie Miller was visiting her grandparents in Dover to celebrate the end of Grade 7. What she ultimately found out is that this creature was more real than she would ever have imagined.
“Hi, everyone, this is me, Allie, visiting my grandparents' home, and hopefully I’ll have a good time.”

Allie was 5 foot 6, with brownish-reddish hair, pale skin and very slim. She was wearing a purple shirt and red shorts. She was considered to be the school's greatest music player, already receiving three medals and certificates that year. She had sky blue eyes, which according to her parents were as pure as crystal clear water. She was speaking into her parents' camcorder.

“Hi sweetie…how’s it going?”

“It’s going good….how about you?”

They told her that they were just fine, but they would like to tell her a story that scared her most...the legend of the Dover Demon. That legend, not too far off, was living near the woods....near the house.

Chapter Two

After the story was told to her, she was telling herself to be calm and it was just a story. Soon it was bedtime, and she had already gotten changed and gone to bed. While she was sleeping...outside the house...something was creeping closer to the window. Waking up after a strange sound, she heard the window. She was shocked by what she saw. It was the size of a deer, with a misshapen, almost watermelon-type head with orange glowing eyes. The eyes were round and she could clearly see an opening, which might have been its mouth. She stood there, not knowing what to do. Suddenly, the creature raised one hand on the window shelf and let out this alien screech. Almost a cross between hawk's and a snake's and it dropped down and ran off into the bushes. She called her grandparents into her room, and she quickly said, “I saw it.”

Chapter Three

Her grandparents told her it was just a story, but as they were about to say more...the same sound came out from the bushes again. Since her grandfather wasn’t going let it near his granddaughter, he went out with his rifle and searched the nearby forest and bushes looking for it. Just then, a few feet away from him, he saw it. Exactly what his father before described to him……long spindly legs…….the misshapen head….and when he flashed his flashlight on it, its eyes glowed an orange color. Suddenly, instinct came in and he shot at it. The creature yelled out a bloodcurdling screech and ran off into the bushes. Allie and her grand-mother watched as the creature disappeared into the forest. After this event, they questioned to themselves: Are the stories and sightings true? Is this the exact same creature as before in 1977?

Chapter Four

Allie stayed with her grandparents for two weeks until she was finally re-united with her father and mother. Ever since the encounter, she had been researching not only the usual stuff a girl would want, but also researching more on the creature she saw. Her parents still have questions they would like to ask her, questions that she still refuses to answer: What did she see that night? Her grandparents told them they would not believe them if they told them what they all saw. Allie’s grandparents still live in that area, though they keep hearing strange noises in the night. As for the rest of us, we are once again left to wonder:

Does it live among us?

The End

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