The Beast of Lake Erie
Breyden, Age 15, Kelowna, BC

Chapter One
Lake Erie is one of the great lakes of North America. Its large size matches up against Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Lake Superior. But according to reports...there is something sinister living below the surface of this large lake. Swimmers have reported attacks by an unknown underwater assailant, which is described as eel-like, with a long snout and razor sharp teeth. The only suspect fitting this description is the conger eel, but it does not inhabit these waters. But one can only wonder what it is. Seventeen-year-old year old Alex and his thirteen-year-old sister Kayla were visiting the lake with their parents to have a spring break filled with enjoyment. But what they ultimately encountered was nothing like what they anticipated.

Alex was about six foot tall, with brown hair and black eyes.  He was wearing a red t-shirt and blue shorts. The girls said he was as handsome as an eagle, with his positive attitude and very good looks. His sister had blondish-brownish hair, but with the same attitude as her mother. Blue eyes and thin stature were her most attractive features.

“This is Alex, we’re here at Lake Erie Campgrounds...and I hope to have a great time here.”

He was recording with his video camera when his mother called him in for lunch. He had been pronounced the third best swimmer in the school, so he decided to practice his swimming skills after lunch. His sister was a great gymnast and soccer player, already one of the top players in her team, so she decided to practice too. But lurking just below the surface, lay a presence…lurking just below the surface…..waiting to do something unexpected.

Chapter Two

Alex had put on his goggles and began to practice. Forty five minutes afterwards, while he was heading back to shore.....he felt something touch his leg. First he thought it was a log…..but soon, he noticed that it was too alive to be a rotting tree trunk. He dove underwater….and soon saw this creature swimming by him. It was about twenty feet long, eel like with a snout like that of an alligator. He noticed that the creature’s eyes were like a barracuda's. And the whole creature was blackish-blue in color. He decided he had better get back up to the surface. But while he did, the creature came up and bit him on the foot. The pain was like a hundred wasps stinging into this one spot, and it was painful. He got back up to shore to see his injuries, but his parents could not attribute the injuries to any known predators...since his father and mother were experts in determining what animals attack humans. But this was something far more chilling.

Chapter Three

As they looked, it moved through the water, long and snakelike. Suddenly, he and his family saw his sister swimming in the water, unaware of the creature’s presence. Underwater, it could see the silhouette of the person…..and shot up from the bottom. It bit her leg…..she screamed, but it wouldn’t let go. Alex ran into the water to save his sister. He beat off the creature with a large piece of wood. It quickly swam away, but he could see that Kayla was bleeding far worse than he was and needed medical attention. He called the ambulance over and within 35 minutes they arrived and they took her to the hospital. There she would be recuperate for a month before she could return with her family.

Chapter Four

After a month of operations, Kayla was finally re-united with her family. Alex was still thinking about the incident...about the creature he saw that attacked his own sister. What they saw will probably never be known. Weeks later, attacks on swimmers had risen in Lake Erie, with the reports of a strange creature living in its depths. It is one of the great lakes and can easily hide a creature of this size. Three months later, there was a deer carcass that had strange bite marks on it and additionally a strange tooth. The results confirmed it was not of any known species known in this lake. This disturbing case, along with the cases of others who claimed to have been attacked by a sinister swimmer, leads us all to wonder:

Does it live among us?

The End

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