Everybody Dreams
Varsha, Age 13, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Everybody dreams
Children dream
Adult dream
Old persons dream

I dream too....

I dream about the friends with whom I've grown up
I dream about the person whose hand I hold up
I dream about always being young

Everybody dreams
I dream too...

I dream of the places Iíll one day see
I dream of my house, high on the rocks
I dream of the sand under my socks

I dream of the person I admire the most
I dream of the place where I grow up
I dream of being 'Happy'...

I dream of travelling with a map in my hand
I dream of finding myself
I dream of being a bird flying high in the air

I dream of being an angel
I dream of being a princess
I dream of being a fashion designer

I dream of anything that one day Iíll know
I dream of my future, my pride
I dream of jumping far off this fence

As my heart flies and sings insideÖ

Everybody dreams
I dream too.

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