Everything Is Alright
Samira, Age 12, Northamptonshire, England

                      Does she scream my name at night?
Does she cry in sudden fright?
Does she fight and kick and shout?
Does she cry and weep and pout?
Is she scared to walk alone?
Or is she beaten to the bone?
Does daddy give her food at night?
Or does he just put up a fight?
Why is he so mean? I asked my mother,
She replies, he was once my lover,
I yell at her, she's acting insane
She clearly has lost her brain,
I try to stay calm, I try to focus,
But daddy's behaviour is completely atrocious,
And finally, I have my say,
From now on things will go my way,
So does she scream your name at night?
And does she cry in sudden fight?
Now it's ok, everything's alright,
They have finally seen the light.

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