My Family
Taylor, Age 13, Shanghai, China

                      My family is a basket of fruit,
Sitting on the table
And waiting for something to happen to us,
As we wither and grow rotten.
My father is the banana,
All nice looking on the outside
But can turn bad when poked and prodded.
My mother is the lemon,
All sour and bitter and hard to eat
But when used just right, can make sweet and tasty lemonade.
My brother is the grapefruit,
All big-looking and thinking he's so grand
While inside he is small, sour, and not-so-nice.
My sister is the orange,
When picked right is wonderful and sweet
But can be the worst tasting thing imaginable if not.
Candy the cat is the apple,
All shiny and inviting and nice to have with me
While sometimes being a pest when a worm is inside.
And I am the bunch of grapes,
All juicy, though sometimes bitter.
Making us all look good and smoothing over the gaps as best I can.

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