My Favorite Things
Andrew, Age 13, Hubbard, OR

There are many things in this world that I enjoy doing.  The things that I love to do are things that an everyday kid would do.  That would be playing sports and listening to music.  Specifically soccer and baseball for the sports and hip-hop/rap for the music. The things that I enjoy doing most in life are playing soccer, listening to music, and playing baseball.

The first thing I am going to talk about is soccer.  Soccer has always been my favorite sport and always will be.  In soccer there are many positions and each of them has their own responsibility on the field.  To start off, there are the forwards, who are attacking the goal.  There are the mid-fielders, who play offence and defense.  There are the defenders, who stop the ball from getting to the goal.  That is my position.  And there is the goalie; it is his job to defend the goal at all costs, even if that means jumping for the ball only to land on the ground.  Before coming to North Marion, I was a forward on the team I was on in Redmond, but when I came here, I wanted to defend rather than attack.  There really are no reasons why I would not enjoy soccer. The main reason I enjoy soccer is because I get to hang out with my friends, whether we win or not.

Another thing that I enjoy doing is listening to my music.  Music is used for a lot of things, but the most common use for me is using it as a mood calmer, or a pumper upper.  There is one specific song I use for a motivator, and that is "Lose Yourself" by Eminem or "Remember the Name" by Fort Minor.  The songs that I use to calm myself down are usually Christian rock.  There are so many different styles of music and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  Some people enjoy pure heavy metal rock, and others enjoy music with no words that relaxes you, like the music they use in yoga.  Me, I am a hip-hop/rap kind of guy.  The thing I love most about music is that there are so many different types for everyone to choose from, and everyone likes what they want to listen to.  There isnít just one style of music for everyone to listen to, and if there was, I am sure that people would get together to create new types.

The last thing I am going to talk about is playing baseball.  Baseball has been one of the other sports that I grew up playing, like soccer.  In baseball there are a total of nine positions.  Those include pitcher, catcher, first baseman, second baseman, short-stop, third baseman, and three out-fielders.  As the catcher on my team, I am the team leader since I see everything that goes on from home plate.  As the catcher, there are some rules I have to follow.  If there are runners on third base and first base, the runner on first is more than likely to steal second. On that play, donít throw the ball to second or you will cost the team a run because the guy on third just stole home.  One reason that I have always loved baseball is because when I am on the field, playing a game, thatís where I get my adrenalin from.  Playing baseball is my drug.  The reason why I donít like it is because half of my team screws around the whole game and doesnít try at all.  They have no reason to be on the field if they are going to act that way.

In conclusion, I love many things in life, but my top three have already been chosen, and that is the way it will be the rest of my life.  I will always love baseball because I literally couldnít live without it.  I love my music because of the way it flows through me.  And I will always love soccer because I get to hang out with my friends, and if we lose, we lose as a team.  But if we win, then we act like kings.

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