The Future
Taylor, Age 13, Shanghai, China

                      I am a young girl.
I am from my mother's independence.
I am my father's nose.
I am everything I see:
    Lots of cars on a highway
    The Pearl Tower
    Goats in a street
    The English letters on a street sign
I am everything I hear:
    Don't argue with me!
    Be nicer to your siblings
    Go away, Taylor!
    Chinese babbling
    Birds singing
    Horns honking in a traffic jam
    The middle school choir singing
I am everything I taste and touch:
    Grilled cheese sandwiches
    Sunny weather
    My comfort stone
    The excitement at Christmastime
I am what I want to be:
    A vet
    A good friend
    A loving family member
Now a child,
Soon an adult.
I am the woman of the future.

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