Grace, Age 9, Hinsdale, IL

“Mom, I can’t wait.”

“Yeah!” said Ava, as her eyes got wider.

Mom, Ava and I were on our way to get my puppy. Three weeks ago I picked her out. She looks like this: hazel eyes, white fur, ears that are dark brown that get light at the ends. She was as tiny as a baby squirrel when I first saw her.

After one hour or so we arrived at the Halls' house. I stepped out of the car onto the gravel driveway. My heart was pounding like on the Dare Devil Dive! We or I ran to the door and knocked. Mrs. Hall said, “Come in, please.” And guess who was next to her? A small girl with brown eyes and blond hair stared at me. I thought “creepy” as I ignored her, then I saw the basket. My puppy snuggled with her brothers and sister.
I slowly walked toward the basket as Mrs. Hall led my mom to the table. I looked at her but didn’t want to pick her up. I thought she could have a few more minutes with her family. Finally Mrs. Hall said, “Go ahead.” I picked her up slowly and she felt wet. She had had a bath but felt very smooth. I held her in both of my hands and her paws dangled. I lifted her into the air and said, “Who’s my little puppy?” Then she licked me.

A few minutes later I ran out of the house with my pup in my hands. After we got in the car, she snuggled on my lap and fell asleep. I said, “Mommy, she fell asleep.” I thought, "I love you." Four months later, Ivy, my darling puppy, is the most amazing puppy ever.

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