The Little Lying Berry
Toni, Age 11, Antrim, Northern Ireland

                      Once there was a berry
Upon a Holly Tree,
It began to get teased-
For its mother's TLC

The little berry sat upon a leaf.
Began to tell a prickly lie
That were not at all his beliefs.

The pretty berries began to believe
The prickly, little white lies.
But were unknown of the truth-
Of little lying Lyle!

A clever berry
Who doubted the lies
Soon revealed the truth about-

The little tyke
Who with all his might
Spoke a little white lie.

The bigger berries,
Called Betty and Barry
Threw the batty berry
Out of the Holly Tree,
Who sat upon a prickly leaf-

So much like his little lies
The squat little berry got squashed,
So I beg of you!

Do not EVER tell a lie,
As you do not wish
To end up like
Little lying Lyle!

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