Long Live the Long, Long, Long Legs
Nick, Age 11, Washington, DC

Long, long ago, there were three Daddy Longlegs named Luke Longlegs, Lansul Longlegs, and Lisil Longlegs. They lived in Las Vegas near a lighthouse on the lake in a lemonade bottle and enjoyed the city lights from their living room.

Luke Longlegs looked long, leggy, and lean. He liked to lick the legs of Lemens, which taste like Medicine Leeches, and he did not like ladies at all.

Lansul Longlegs was long and liked to listen to “Love in the Club” by Lusher Longlegs. Lisil Longlegs was little and listened to anything Luke said.

One long day, Luke, Lansul, and Lisil were lying by the lake when the ground turned to liquid and a landslide let loose down the lakeside hill and trampled down a local laboratory.

Unfortunately, the lab’s supply of laughing gas leaked out into the land of Las Vegas, making the Lemens who lived there laugh a lot.

The Lemens unlocked all the Labradors and Labradoodles and let them loose. The Labradors, under the influence of laughing gas, had a liking for Daddy Longlegs. They began looking for lick-able long-legsicles all around the lake in Las Vegas.

Soon, they found Luke, Lansul, and Lisil Longlegs, who were busy laughing at the Labradoodles, who were launching lemurs off of the lighthouse and into the lake. Luke, Lansul, and Lisil did not notice the Labradors until the last minute and narrowly escaped by leaping towards the lake.

Suddenly, a lingcod leaped out of the lake and landed on top of Luke, Lansul, and Lisil, who could not live under the lingcod. Their languid long-legged life forms no longer had life.

Luke, Lansul, and Lisil were made into delicious long-legsicles!

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