Newfound Hope
Rachel, Age 15, Magrath, AB

My life is a long and lonely road
Everyone frowning, glaring, or threatening me
And my mind is the only place I can be free
there I can see what I want
And be who I wish to be
My mind is a world of impossible, fantastic dreams
It's a safe place, a warm place, a well-worn place
And no one is there but me
But then I wake up and come back to reality,
alone in a cold, dark world
The world is a cruel, black machine
Everything swirling, crying, dying around me,
small pinpricks of light shine through
But are soon blown out by the winds of change
And my spirit is crushed by the weight of things unknown
Fate is a strange, unexpected thing
It's choosing, or just, or mean
And even though unseen, its hand is always felt
always plays a part in everything
And either hinders or helps me
I have finally felt Fate's gentle touch
Its warmth, kindness, and light
I have finally known what it fells like to be heard,
listened to, no matter how small, you listened and replied
And I thank you from my heart
I used to think I was alone and forgotten
I was drifting, unseen, and lost,
even those who were supposed to care were silent and deaf
But then you listened
And I had hope
Hope that the road is not so lonely
My dreams not so impossible
Hope that the world is not so cruel
And Fate not so uncertain
Hope that Fate will smile at me sometimes
And I know I am not alone, that you care.

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