War Intrigues Me
Yue Ting, Age 9, Vancouver, BC

                      I like
the strategies,
the weaponry,
the geographical problems,
and mostly the human errors.

I fear
the consequences,
the suffering,
the pain,
and mostly the bombs.

Iíd like man to live in peace,
but I worry that countries
like Iraq, will be looking for more territory
by invading small countries.
The United Nations will have to protect those
countries and that will result in war.

If war is unavoidable,
I want a Sherman Firefly tank
on my side.
They are very fast,
very efficient
and easy to build.

A Sherman Firefly tank
is the only allied tank
that can penetrate a German Panzer.
A German Panzer is the most powerful Nazi tank.

The down side is
that the armour is weak.
Still its speed makes up
for its lack of protection.

If war is unavoidable,
I donít want a Sapper tank
it only shoots mortars,
which fire only a few meters.
Itís good for destroying mines,
but it offers little protection.

If I were to be caught in a battle,
I hope it would be like the Battle of the Bulge
I would be on the American side.
I would be in the snow,
a good place to put snipers
and hide soldiers
ready for ambushes.

I wouldnít be on the German side.
The Germans make a lot of noise
when they fight.
They bring tanks and soldiers
up from nowhere.

If I were to be caught in a battle,
I hope it would not be like the Battle for Stalingrad.
The Soviets got slaughtered
in that fight,
because of their daredevil dictator
of a commander.

The first line of soldiers
got three bullets and a rifle,
the second line of soldiers
got three bullets.
The idea was
when the first line soldiers died,
the second line soldiers
took their rifles and kept going.
This didnít work out that well.
The Germans had tanks and bigger weapons.

If I had to be a soldier
I think it would be cool
to use weapons
and fight to protect my nation.

If I had to be a soldier
I would hate gas attacks,
suicide bombers,
and all the blood and skeletons.

If I was to get hurt in war,
I would want it to be
as I jumped out of an airplane
without a parachute.

At least I would have a chance
To land on something soft
and my life jacket
would protect me a little.
I might be lucky and land
in friendly territory.

If I was to get hurt in war,
I would not want to get hit
In the gut
or the head.
There would not be much of a
Cure for that.

War intrigues me.

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