A Wild Ride
Kristina, Age 12, Lodi, NJ

My name is Tayne Alen and I am an American hiker. I was trapped in a funhouse at the Tricky Maze Amusement Park in Charleston, West Virginia. I had absolutely no idea how to get out. Obviously, I needed some serious help.

First of all, all I had was my favorite book--The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson, of course. Unfortunately, it was no help to me at all. As I turned down the long, windy, never ending maze, I realized I had come to a stop. Oh no!

A large dark brown moose, who looked very angry, grabbed my book right out of my hand! No way. This moose was not getting this book without a fight. Weakly, I squirmed and moved all around to get my book back, but to no avail. After a few minutes of hopeless moving, I had a sudden thought. In that same moment, I pinched it by the ear as hard as I could. It yelped and whined but still did not give up. Apparently this was a very mean moose. I guess it liked Emily Dickinson too.
Eventually, it became exhausted and slowly walked away. Looking in all directions, I found what a looked like an exit--a swirly slide! When I reached the bottom, a deep Spanish-toned voice spoke.
“Hola Senorita.”

“EEEP!” I screamed. An alien! Now, as I looked at his face, I realized this must be a nightmare. His black hair was pulled back behind his head into a messy ponytail, and he had blue eyes. His skin was green too. Anyway his smile was threatening. His lips were curled over his rotten teeth. Clearly, he was not friendly.

As I took all this in, I seemed to run faster. My heart was thumping so loudly, I thought he could hear it as evidently as I could. Of course, clumsy as I was--and still am--I tripped over my own two feet.

“This is the end.” I thought, feeling silly because it was a funhouse. It is supposed to be fun. “Give up.” Whoever this mysterious man was, he wasn’t going to win. Just like the angry moose. I pushed myself up and came to find out he was right behind me.

“And you think you are going to win, he said in a mocking tone. I turned around and punched him in the face. He closed his eyes and fell back.

“Actually, yes I do!” I said in the same tone of voice. No need to worry about him anymore. He should be out for a while.

Finally, I reached the exit sign. I sighed. One thing to never forget: Bring a manual titled “How to Get out of a Funhouse” when you go to Tricky Maze Amusement Park.

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