No Worries
Mia, Age 14, Merritt Island, FL

There are so many things I worry on
and so very many things I fear
and when I see my sin's lot,
I feel so far from near.
How very much love He must have
to love such one as me
and sometimes I wonder if there's love enough
to cover the sins I see.
I cry as though I were the only one
to sin such sins as I
and cannot think to forgive myself
for the failed tries I've tried.
Perhaps I am not the only one
who repents their stains each hour
who doubts that their sin would succumb
to Yahweh's forgiving power.
Then comes the hour of prayer
and more repentant tears I shed
for not trusting in the strength of Yah
to whiten my sins blood red.
What can I do, but praise Him
in the light of this glorious love
and forgiveness, and joy, and peace,
and the guilt He relieves me of.
O praise Him all you peoples
your wrong He carries for you,
O how much pain you cause Him
by denying His love is true.

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