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Ted Kooser. Bag in the Wind
Candlewick Press $23.00 ISBN 978-0-7636-3001-0 50 pg.
Reviewed by Jenny, Age 12

It was a bag for carrying groceries; just the color of the skin of a yellow onion and it had two holes for handles. It was a perfectly good bag, but someone had thrown it away.

One morning a bulldozer bulldozed through a landfill. It uncovered a yellow bag! This bag was meant to be uncovered, as it would serve much good to many people. But the bag would really only be useful to those who used it well!

Congratulations to the illustrator of Bag in the Wind, Barry Root. His illustrations made Ted Kooser’s story even more enjoyable to read! When I read a picture book, I usually look at the pictures before reading the actual story part. The illustrations in this book were well placed and when looking at them first, you could guess what the author was going to write!

I think Bag in the Wind is best suited for somebody who is reading it to a younger kid or for older kids to read by themselves, as there is quite a bit of writing per page. The text size used in this book was easily readable considering the level of the story. The front cover of Bag in the Wind was very calming and it made me want to get right into the book. One thing I noticed and really liked about this book was the color in all the illustrations. It seemed as though the illustrator used all the same colors throughout the whole book. Not like a lot of different colors, only like 3 or 4 different ones. It made the pictures very cool!!

I think that the moral of this story is to be environmentally friendly and not to throw things away if you can still use them. Bag in the Wind was printed on 100% recycled paper!

I am going to give Ted Kooser and Barry Root’s Bag in the Wind four stars out of five!!



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