The Beast of Chesapeake Bay
Breyden, Age 15, Kelowna, BC

Chapter One
Chesapeake Bay is the United States' largest estuary, located north of Maryland and south of Nova Scotia. It lies on the Atlantic Ocean and harbors many marine wildlife, including seals, small whales, fish and many more. It has small fishing towns on its edges. It’s a seemingly peaceful place. But in 1943, two fishermen reported seeing something terrifying real. They described the creature as serpentine with flippers and a head as big as a basketball. In 1983, two couples actually filmed what they believe to be a large sea creature looking like a giant anaconda. Experts viewed the tape, but didn’t come up with any explanation. Since then, there have been numerous witnesses describing the same thing.

Seventeen-year-old Kyle Letterman was helping his uncle to scuba dive to survey and explore the wildlife. Kyle was expecting seals, crabs or other normal wildlife, but what he encountered ultimately was anything but normal.

“Hey Uncle’s it going.” 

“Hey Kyle, you excited?”

“Yep, sure am.”

Kyle was about the height of his dad, six feet, with brown eyes.  He was wearing a green t-shirt and trunks. His uncle specializes in marine biology, primarily focusing on the seal population. When they reached the spot which is an outcropping, Kyle got on his scuba gear and descended into the murk. When he was about twenty feet beneath the surface of the water, he saw something large but unidentifiable swimming in the murk. Thinking that he finally found a bunch of seals, he came back to the surface and told his uncle that the direction it was heading was inland. While he and his uncle were making their way into the bay, something...was slithering under the surface. Something bigger than a seal, and more ferocious than a shark.

Chapter Two

Uncle Dave descended into the water and began searching for a local seal population. As he was descending, he heard a something going behind him. He turned to look...nothing. Suddenly, he saw this creature swimming towards him. It was twenty feet long, with rough spiny scales and a head that looked an eel's but with spiny scales there too. As he looked, he saw what appeared to be flipper like attachments to the sides of its head. The eyes were like a lizard’s eye. It was moving in an undulating fashion, but very slowly with the skin sort of flexing as it moved. It looked at him for five minutes...then with speed of a cheetah, it opened its horrid mouth and began mauling him. He was screaming and struggling with all his strength. Finally, the creature opened its mouth...and a bubble of blood came to the surface.

Chapter Three

Kyle watched in horror as the bubble of blood came to the surface. He immediately put on his diving mask and suit and plunged into the abyss. When he got to thirty feet, all he could see is the cloud of blood.

“Oh my God, he must’ve been attacked by a shark!”

He looked down to his feet after he felt something. Heart beat...heart beat...heart beat...heart beat...BAMM!!! The creature bit his back and he was terrified by what he saw. The eel-like beast was pursuing him in an underwater chase, while Kyle was desperately trying to get back to the surface. As the creature was about to get him...he finally managed to get to the surface. Since he knew how to manage a boat, he quickly started the engine and got out of there. He was still under the spell of utter terror and despair.

Chapter Four

After the bizarre incident, he told his wild story to the police station, who conducted their own investigation. As it turns out, Uncle Dave’s body was found, but with mysterious teeth marks. The people who examined the body said that it looks like it was constricted. After three weeks of painstaking work, they found three pieces of tooth. The results came in that it wasn’t from any known marine species, although it was something reptilian. Kyle’s family performed a burial site for their loved one. What Kyle and his uncle saw that day will never be known. Although there were no further sightings of any aggressive behaviour, numerous reports are still pouring in about a large unknown sea creature in the bay. As for the rest of us, we’re left to wonder:

Does it live among us?

The End

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