Just Dreaming?
Savannah, Age 13, Logan, OH

"I hate these goofy braces, they always slice my fragile lips," Ginny thought as she walked home. She was drifting into thought when something caught her eye. It looked like a fairy wing. Just as she was about to touch the wing, it disappeared. She looked around and blinked. Her house was only two houses away; she was almost home.
When she got home, she looked around. "Mom and Dad must still be at work," she said to herself. The walls of her house were an off color of beige and white. It made her think of a big bagel with cream cheese. For Christmas Ginny got to paint her walls any way she wanted, so she painted them royal blue and grey. Just like her eyes.

When Ginny got to her room a little box was sitting on her bed. She opened it up with careful fingers. Inside was a scroll with a blue ribbon tied around it. Ginny put the box and ribbon on her night stand and opened the scroll. All the scroll had on it was two words and a mark that matched the birth mark she had on her wrist. The words were "sleep now."
"Sleep now," she whispered to herself. So she did.

When Ginny woke up, she was in the biggest room ever, like the chambers you see in movies about princesses and stuff. When she was looking around she noticed a elfin-looking boy about her age in the corner.
"Hello," he said in an odd manner, like he was greeting royalty.
"Uh, hi?" Ginny said a little confused.
"Welcome to your kingdom. My name is Rowan Rose of Little leaf!" Rowan said almost at the speed of light. Ginny giggled at him.  "Little leaf - there is no such place! But if there was, I am certain it would be very far away! Did you say my kingdom? Surely you are mistaken."

Now it was Rowan's turn to laugh," But of course, my Queen!"

"What Queen!" Ginny said light headed.

"We are in the land of Fey!" Rowan said. "But, you need to go to sleep now. It's almost 12:00 A.M." Ginny tried to protest; she felt safe with this person, Rowan. Nothing was making sense to her, so sleep sounded good right now. She soon started to fall asleep in the beautiful bed she had woken up in.

The next morning she woke up in her own house, a little disappointed but relieved she was home. There was the faint crackle of eggs cooking and the smell of bacon coming from the kitchen.

"It was just a dream?" Ginny thought.

"Ginny, come get breakfast. You don't want to be late to school," her mom yelled.

"Crap school!" she said. She walked to her closet to get some clothes, a blue sweater, black tank top, grey skinny jeans, and her chucks, the usual.

"Bye honey, I love you," Mom said as she ran out the door. "Lovely, another morning alone," Ginny thought tiredly. Then the cat Luna jumped on her, "OUCH CAT, YOUR CLAWS HURT!" The cat mewed smugly in return. She turned on the TV.  Just hearing people talk reassured her. She looked to the corner where she usually caught the bus. It was almost there. She didn't want to miss the bus like usual and have to walk to school. Again. So she grabbed her bookbag and ran.

School passed by quickly. She grabbed her progress card.  " A, B+, B-, A-, B+, A, A, C+," she said to herself. Oh well, Mom and Dad don't care anyway.

On the bus home she sat by herself. She got home, "Darn, I left the TV on. What will I do, cat? Never mind; you can't talk." The cat stared blankly then pushed her bowl forward. After filling the bowl, she turned off the TV and went to bed.

She woke up in fairy land again. "Hi Rowan!" Ginny yelled to him. "Hello, my dear, how's life in the real world?" he said with a smile. "The real world?" Ginny said with a frown. "Why yes, you see this is a world you visit to get away," Rowan said, a blank look crossing his face." So you aren't real?" Ginny confirmed. "Oh no no no! We are very real here. Like my favourite quotation says, ahem, 'To those who dreeeeeam, there is no such place as faraway' -Anonymous," he said, holding the e in dream for a couple of seconds.

Ginny clapped and smiled. "I created my own dream world?" Rowan paused and then replied, "Not many people come to this world, but you stop coming here when you turn sixteen," he said solemnly. "I turn sixteen in three days." All of a sudden she noticed how attractive he was and blushed. "Me too, what?" he asked and smiled. Ginny said nothing. All of a sudden he leaned in and kissed her. Ginny was stunned, so stunned she woke up.

The next three days were the same as the last. Until at last the dreams were over and she was sixteen. When she woke up, she was sad but shook it off. She got dressed, ate breakfast and when she was done she came to her bedroom and standing there was a very confused looking Rowan! You never know if your dreams will come true!

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