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Beryl Young. Follow the Elephant
Ronsdale Press $10.95 ISBN 978-1-55380-098-9 243 pg.
Reviewed by Jenny, Age 12

One little girl had blackened teeth and big sores on her lips. The beggars stretched out their palms, calling baksheesh, baksheesh. They mimed hunger by raising their hands to their mouths, moaning and pleading with their eyes.

Ben has been obsessed with video games, computer, anything electronic, ever since his father passed away not less than a year ago. His sister, Lauren, and mom are worried, so they're sending him off to India with his grandmother to find her pen pal from when she was a kid. Finding himself trapped in the giant continent of India, Ben meets people who he swears he will come back to see again. Also, Ben finds himself magically connected to a magnificent creature, the elephant. Will seeing poor, dying people on the streets and beautiful elephants change Benís perspective on life?

This book was a page-turner! I just couldnít put it down. The book grabbed my attention from the very first pages. It made me want to see what would happen next. I found that the story held together at every turn and the story was so full of surprises I had to finish it right away. Some of the character were very believable, others a bit predictable. Although I found I could not get the full emotion from the characters (except Ben), I could get enough that it still made it good. It was great; I had a clear picture of what was going on all the time, throughout the whole book. The ending was very original, but still very satisfying!!

Follow the Elephant is a juvenile fiction written by Beryl Young, published in 2010. Beryl Young has a giant passion for elephants and has been to India three times in search of her pen pal from her own childhood. She wrote this book in memory of all the great times she had in India. Other books by this author are Wishing Star Summer and Charlie: A Home Childís Life in Canada. I think you would like this book if you like very realistic books about people struggling for life in foreign countries or a good story that can touch your heart!

I should like to give Follow the Elephant five stars out of five!!!  



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