The Beast of Lake Manitoba
Breyden, Age 15, Kelowna, BC

Chapter One

1908, Lake Manitoba, Canada. There are sightings of a creature living in the lake. The creature is said to be huge, serpentine and dark in color. There have been sightings ever since and the creature is called “Manipogo” after the famed Okanagan lake monster. Sightings have been reported in Dauphin Lake and Lake Winnipegosis. Almost every report refers to its size and its looks. Some researchers believe they’re dealing with several of the same animal…living in groups. One artist went for a swim in the lake and had a terrifying encounter with the monster, fortunately escaping the beast.

Fourteen-year-old Sandy Keller and his twelve-year-old sister Sarah were visiting Lake Manitoba with their parents for the summer vacation. Neither of them could have foreseen the events that would terrify them at the water's edge.

Sandy was about 5 foot 7, with light brown hair, blue eyes, and a very positive attitude. His sister was a blonde-haired type, with light blue eyes instead dark blue. She was almost as tall as he was, but still a shorty as her parents would say. They had arrived at Lake Manitoba four days ago and already felt pumped up, but still exhausted from their journey. They’d heard a rumour about something living in the lake, but dismissed it as nothing more as urban legend. They'd already had a swim in the lake and all they saw was a foot-long fish in the water.

“I think it could be a hoax maybe, but I don’t know exactly what it is.”

“Sandy, will your please call your sister here. Tell her we’re going to the beach to camp out during the night.”

Being an outdoor enthusiast, he immediately called his sister to get ready for the trip. But below the surface of the water...something sinister slithered.

Chapter Two

They finally got to the beach, and while their parents were setting up camp, a herd of deer was crossing the lake. All was peaceful for twenty minutes when suddenly one of the deer was suddenly pulled something. A bubble of blood came to the surface and they immediately became worried about Sandy and Sarah. They called to them get back to shore, but Sandy decided to go underwater to have one more look. Murky water…..debris everywhere……what’s that? Just then, he was knocked onto the bottom.  He looked see this serpentine creature looking at him. The head was like a snake’s, but with dinosaur-like features. He noticed that its body was darkish greenish-grayish in color and it was between forty-five and fifty feet in length. There were two fins on the sides, looking like giant seal fins. The eyes were a reddish brownish color with a slitted pupil. He could help but swim back up to the surface.

Chapter Three

Soon after he got out of the water, his sister pointed and his parents saw the neck and the head of this creature undulating through the water. They were greatly shocked and Sandy whispered, “I saw it underwater……it looked at me”. He thought to himself never to tell his friends about this. They continued to camp out and soon it was time for them to go to bed. While Sandy was sleeping, he heard a small herd of deer swimming through the water, while the rest were on shore. This was the exact same group of deer as before, and they were determined to go to the other side. However, only the small group managed to brave the waves. Sandy got out of the tent to take a look...and suddenly a large disturbance on the surface of the lake began to appear. Something was swimming towards the shore...soon enough this head and body exploded out of the water and dragged one of the deer down into the water. A bubble of blood came from the bottom as the creature was eating it. He realized this was the exact same creature as before. He woke up his parents to show them what was happening. In the moonlight, they could see a plated back moving through the water. As it was carrying the dead deer, it dove under the surface of the water and vanished into the darkness. Sandy and his parents witnessed a living legend that would make them question the lines between fact and fiction. Are the stories of large unidentified creatures living in this lake and so many other lakes in this country true?

Chapter Four
After the encounter, Sandy and Sarah, along with their parents, packed up and went back home to Alberta. Although he researched native fish species in the lake, none came close to what he saw. Sarah, however, was disturbed by the events and vowed never to go back to Lake Manitoba again, though she never told her friends the reason why. Although the creature was never spotted again, there are still strange deer drownings, and strange mutilated carcasses still show up now and then. Though the scientific community is reluctant to recognize this creature, Sandy’s sighting makes us question one thing: Does it live among us?

The End

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