To My Persecuted Friends
Mia, Age 14, Merritt Island, FL

I heard your cry last night
and I refused to bow to sleep.
All my heart reached for you
when, suddenly, I heard you weep.

Your pain causes me pain;
for your danger I will fear.
Chazak,* my friend, be strong.
I've heard and now I'm near.

I will pray and beseech for you.
I will pray and cry for your sake.
Never will you leave my mind;
Never will my heart cease to break.

After years and years of struggles,
as voice after voice began to pray
pleading Yahweh for your safety,
that He might make your way.

When your enemies come, my friend,
when again you see your foes,
just remember this and wait on Him
who shields and holds you close.

When you're surrounded and cornered,
all alone, and you see the end,
look again at the faces around you
and you will see the smiles of friends.

I will be there.
Yah will be near.
You're in His care.
O my Friend.

*"Be strong" in Hebrew

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