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Kelley Armstrong. The Reckoning
Doubleday Canada $17.95 ISBN 978-0-385-66536-0 391 pg.
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 16

A needle jabbed into the back of my leg. I kicked Russell, hearing him grunt as my foot made contact. The room swayed. I blinked hard, fighting to stay conscious. I tried to get up, get off the table, but my arms gave way and I toppled over the other side.

I hit something soft and rolled off it, landing in a warm puddle. I struggled to focus and lifted my hands. Blood. I was lying in a pool of blood.

Picking up right where Kelley Armstrong’s last book, The Awakening, left off, we meet Chloe, Derek, Simon and Tori in the safe house, where they are hiding out while trying to figure out how to rescue Rae and Aunt Lauren from the sinister clutches of the Edison Group. Meanwhile, inside the house, everyone is starting to feel restless from the lack of freedom, and from the romantic tension. At first Chloe thought Simon was the boy for her, but what if it turns out she’s been in love with his werewolf brother, Derek, the whole time? As new and sinister ghosts pop up and Chloe and Derek fall for each other, the action heats up when they discover that there is more to the Edison Group than meets the eye, and maybe the people they thought were on their side are lying to them.

I thoroughly enjoyed the finale to the Darkest Powers trilogy. It had the perfect mix of creepiness, action and romance to keep the pages turning. One thing I especially appreciate about this trilogy is its originality. Chloe’s adventures never seem too forced or unbelievable, and the plot twists always take me by surprise. The best thing about these books though is the way they take your breath away. Whether it’s in anticipation for an intimate moment between Chloe and Derek, or while Chloe silently relives a ghost’s demise, the story gets your heart pumping and makes you check under the bed too! There are many splashes of humour and dry teenage wit, but the general tone is quite eerie and ominous.

The only thing I was generally displeased with was the ending. For a trilogy, it left a few too many threads loose and questions unanswered. Yes, for now we know that the extraordinary teens are okay, but is the Edison Group actually done for? No, definitely not. Even so, I highly recommend these books, and perhaps the spin-off series will answer a few more questions about the supernatural world that Kelley Armstrong has so painstakingly crafted.

I give Kelley Armstrong’s The Reckoning four out of five stars.



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