Karuna, Age 11, Gosnells, Western Australia

Summer is the time when
You go to the beach and soak up the sun
You sit in the backyard and shoo away the flies
Put the fans on high and eat some ice-cream
Look out at the dry land that was once a lake

Autumn is the time when
the sky is no longer light and clear
the air has a crisp feeling
you're cold but you're warm
crunchy dry leaves coat the edge of the curb

Winter is the time when
grey clouds cover up the beautiful blue
trees look bare and weak
rain trickles down almost every day
and a cold mist hangs over the sky

Spring is the time when
flower buds slowly open up
birds dart around protecting their dear little eggs
baby animals open up their eyes to the world
the sky simply shines, a pure blue so delicate, no words can describe it

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