Self Portrait
Taylor, Age 13, Shanghai, China

Who am I?
I'm not sure,
But neither is anyone else.

To my mother,
I am
A teenage delinquent,
That needs to be taught.

To my father,
I am
His little girl,
Trying to find her way through life,
But needing a little fatherly help.

To my brother,
I am
A huge pain.
Never letting up
On the sisterly hold that I have on him.
But we still love each other
Deep down.

To my sister,
I am
Just plain annoying,
But can be helpful in some situations.
We just need to learn to get along.

To my friends,
I am
A crazy girl who loves to have fun,
But worries a lot
And is shy when it comes to some things.

To boys,
I am
A person who is easily scared
And can scream loudly
By people jumping out of lockers
Yelling, “Boo!”

To teachers,
I am
A girl who is smart
But needs to work on committing
To her grades.

To me,
I am
A color wheel,
lots of different colors,
all standing for a different part:
a trouble maker,
Lots of personalities,
All mixed into one person.

So, who am I?
I still don't have the answer
Although I hope to have it soon,
For I am going crazy wondering.
I am a puzzle,
A rainbow,
A color wheel,
A lot of different things,
Never settling on one,
I am myself.

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