Shattered Souls
Randi, Age 14, Edmonton, AB

This is it.
Too much to handle -
The world upon my shoulders
Is finally crashing down.
Chaos overwhelms,
Fear overtakes,
The pieces of me that remained
Are scarred and swept away.
There's nothing left of me anymore-
I'm empty.
Feeling is a gateway to pain,
And pain is simply a weakness.
I'm done hurting you.
So I push you away,
Attempting to find a companion in solitude -
I'm alone again.
All the promises made
Mean nothing now,
They lay broken and forgotten behind us.
I'm sorry for bringing pain,
But, believe me, it's for the better.
You deserve far more
Than my hopeless, shattered soul.
I'll never forget you,
But it's time to let go.

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