The Soccer Changeroom of Doom
Ebony, Age 8, Perth, Australia

Everyone has a dream. Some dream of being a ballerina, some want to be a football player. But a little girl in my school has a different dream. Her dream is to become the world's most famous girl soccer player.

This girl, Amy, loves soccer. She loves it so much that she went to one of the Liverpool vs. Chelsea games.  In every soccer game she just has to look in the changerooms.
Now the changeroom in this story isn't just an ordinary changeroom: this changeroom is the changeroom of DOOM!

The reason it is called this is because when she went inside the changeroom something happened. It all started when Amy went to a soccer match. She was watching her favourite team play. Amy was walking towards the changerooms. There was an old passage that led to the changerooms. Inside there was rubbish, dirt, spiders and termites.

Amy wasn't scared; she was just too determined to see the changerooms. She could hear her mum and dad calling her, but she just ignored them and kept on walking through the passage. Suddenly she stopped. Right in front of her was a big hole. She just stared at it thinking, "How am I going to get over this?"

If she tried jumping, she might fall inside, so she kept on thinking until something stopped her. She felt footsteps behind her. They were loud footsteps; she could feel them coming closer. She saw a shadow behind her. She was so scared that she just stood there frozen.

She let the person come closer and closer. She didn't think the person would hurt her or do something to her, but she was wrong. The person pushed her down the hole. Amy was screaming so much. Her mum and dad found the passage and looked for Amy, but she was nowhere to be seen. Her parents found an old note lying on the floor. It read in bold writing, "WARNING: NO LITTLE GIRLS GOING IN BY THEMSELVES OR BAD STUFF WILL HAPPEN."

Her parents were terrified. But he was wrong: some people from his class saw the familiar face they hadn't seen. Amy gave the class a wink and sat back in her seat like she always did.

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