Sarah's Stars

JonArno Lawson. Think Again
KCP Poetry $18.95 ISBN 978-1-55453-423-4 61 pg
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 16

I’m trying to see you
You won’t let me nearer
Than frame to a picture
Or mask to a mirror

In this sweet collection of poetry, JonArno Lawson creates a heartbreakingly honest portrait of first love, and all of its joys and frustrations. Poems tenderly capture moments, snapshots of two teens exchanging secrets, thinking about each other, playing at the ocean, and eventually continuing on their separate journeys. The tapestry of starry-eyed intoxication and partings make for a melancholy voyage that meanders down to the sea and through the hearts and minds of an ordinary couple, painting their thoughts and turning them into extraordinary things. I thought the pacing was perfect and that the stark, moody illustrations complemented the poems quite nicely.

On the whole, I greatly enjoyed this cohesive collection of poetry, and while a few gems did stick out for me, the book itself melted together into one swirling tangle of relatable emotions, and while evaluating it, I cannot pick one that I felt should not have been included, because even if the words didn’t sound pleasant in my mind, every poem added up to create the whole. They all glimmer like shards of glass, a small, sharp piece of something larger and infinitely more complex. I thoroughly enjoyed JonArno Lawson’s poetic style, and his voice will linger with you long after the book has been set down, like the heat of the sun on a starry summer evening.

I give JonArno Lawson’s Think Again five out of five stars.



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