I'm Tired...
Madison, Age 13, Jacksonville, FL

I知 tired of things being said, but not being done.
I知 tired of people complaining about what they don稚 have,
and not being the least bit thankful for what they already have.
I知 tired of the discrimination against people and their religion, race, ethnicity,
or even what shoes they have on the soles of their feet.
I知 tired of people crying out for help
and others not willing to lend a hand.
I知 tired of the crimes that go on,
shooting, stealing, murdering and everything else that is lawbreaking.
I知 tired of belligerent fighting.
I知 tired of abuse, emotional, physical, and verbal
that people will have the memory of for years to come.
I知 tired of people saying all these things, and how they need to change,
but there is no solution or action being put into these problems.
So as you can see,
I知 tired.

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