Sarah's Stars

Tania Duprey Stehlik. Violet
Second Story Press $14.95 ISBN 978-1-897187-60-9 24 pg.
Reviewed by Jenny, Age 12

Violet was quiet all the way home. She was thinking about what the girl had said and worrying about fitting in. Why wasnít she blue? Or red?

Itís Violets first day of school, and sheís very nervous! When she first arrives at the school, there are lots of other children: blue children, yellow children and red children, but no purple ones. She seems to get along just fine with everybody and has a great time. Then after school another kid asks her why her parents arenít the same color as her. Violet thinks, yeah, why would I be purple if my mom is red and my dad is blue? 

What a creative book!!! It left me speechless. With all the cool ideas and bright colors, the book made a perfect quick read. The pictures were AMAZING! They were drawn with a certain coolness! The colors and shapes were vibrant and it all looked so good together on the page. Also there was so much to look at that it just caught your eye right away. But that would all be thanks to the illustrator, Vanja Vuleta Jovanovic. The idea of the story was very imaginative, too; with the purple people and red and blue, it was pure genius! The front cover of the book was very inviting. As I said before, it just caught my eye. It was very plain, yet it had so much color and detail. Your eye was moving all over the page. I think this story would be perfect for someone to read aloud to a younger person because of the color and how short it is!

The moral of this book might be that you donít need to worry about fitting in: just be yourself!!!

This reviewer gives Violet five colourful stars.



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