Bad Feeling
Kerrigan, Age 13, Logan, OH

All was still in the pond except the turtle poking its head out of the water. Something was hiding amongst the trees. Somebody was there. I could hear leaves ruffling under somebodyís feet. It was silent. All of a sudden, I heard deep breathing. I hollered, "Who's there?" There was no reply.

I ran as fast as I could back to the house. I looked back. Nobody was there. Was I imagining it? I couldnít have; I could feel it.

As I helped Momma with the dishes, I heard Daddy watching television in the living room. He told Momma that a girl my age, seven, was found murdered today in the lake.  "How could somebody do such a thing?" Momma asked.

Apparently the little girl has been missing since January. It was February. I started to get that feeling I had earlier at the pond. I looked out the window, but nothing was there. I knew I couldnít see him, but I could feel him. He was the bad man who hurt that other little girl. As I said my prayer that night, I asked God to keep me safe from the bad man. I knew he wanted to kill me.

I walked into my first grade class the next day. As I sat beside my best friend, Mary Lou, it seemed that all everyone talked about was the little girl. I told Mary Lou about the pond, but she didnít believe me. She said I was just imagining it.

I know I wasnít, but what could I do? Even my best friend didnít believe me. While we were playing hopscotch at recess, I got that feeling again. I saw this shadowy figure staring at me from the woods. It looked like a man, but it was hard to make out. I grabbed Mary Louís arm and told her look. But he or whatever it was disappeared. That feeling just go stronger I knew it was him and he wasnít gone. He scared me. Was he the bad man?

Eight years later I still remember that day. It was the day I could have saved my best friend. If only I had believed her, I could have saved her from the bad man.

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