The Cross Country Meet
Abby, Age 13, Logan, OH

Faden didn't know if she could keep going. She was so tired. She had pushed herself more than she ever had. Her legs were cramping and were about to give out. Then she saw the finish line. Surprisingly, she picked up her pace and started to sprint. She passed the five people ahead of her and crossed the finish line. To Fadenís amazement, she had gotten first place. She had never gotten first place at any of her cross country meets before. Her coach was so proud of Faden and her team.

The next day Faden told her best friend Abby all about her victory. Abby was so happy for Faden. She loved to see Faden so spirited. She had always wanted a first place and now she had it. Faden couldnít stop smiling. It was impossible not to. Then all of a sudden Fadenís grin widened. She had almost forgotten that Abby had promised her that if she ever got a first place she would join cross country too. Abby wasnít very happy about this, but a promise was a promise.

So the next day Abby went to the cross country practice with Faden. Abby knew it was going to be hard. But, it turned out to be harder than she thought. By the end of practice Abby felt like she was about to die. She had a lot of training to do before her first meet, which was in a week. So the only thing Abby did all day was run. She wanted to do well at her first meet. By the third day Abbyís legs felt like Jell-O. But, after the fifth day of training she was as fast as Faden. She couldnít wait for the meet.

When the meet finally came, Faden and Abby were both ready. They were both pumped up and ready to go. Everyone lined up at the starting line. Then the referee blew the whistle. Everyone took off. On the first mile Abby paced herself. Faden did the same. Neither of them was tired until they got to the second mile. But, they never stopped. They had worked too hard to give up. Both of them were exited when they saw the finish line. Faden and Abby started to sprint ahead of the others. Then they crossed the finish line. Faden and Abby were both amazed to discover they had tied. They were both happy for each other. After congratulating each other, they walked away from the meet with pride.

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