The Adventure of Jack Louis: Finding My Father
Kristen, Age 12, Logan, OH

One day on Pluto, a man named Jack Louis, at the age of twenty-three, went to bring his mom some lunch. His mom was getting old and couldn't take care of herself as well as she used to. She was seventy-six now. Jack walked over to her house and gave her some sandwiches. ďCome in and stay for a while. I have some things to show you,Ē said Carla. So Jack came inside and they went up to the attic. There were four chests full of his fatherís stuff. As a child, his father had always wanted to explore other planets. Several years ago, his father took off to explore. He was on his way to Earth.
He had been gone for five years. Jackís whole family was sure he had crashed and not made it. But Jack had the feeling that he was somewhere just waiting for someone to find him and bring him back home. Jack and Carla opened a chest together to see what was inside. There were his fatherís old spacesuits from going to Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus. There were also flags with the Pluto symbol on them that he had brought with him when he traveled so he could give them out as souvenirs. All of the chests where full of little souvenirs and pictures and things like that. They headed back downstairs.

Carla was already downstairs when, out of nowhere, Jack tripped over a loose board in the floor. He lifted the board up slightly to see what was under it. He saw something, but he couldnít tell what it was. He grabbed an old piece of wood from the corner and pried the piece of wood off the floor. There was another chest. He picked it up out of the hole so he could open it. There was a lock on it. He had no clue what the combination could be. Luckily, the lock was old and rusty and as soon as Jack tugged on it the lock came apart.

Inside was what had to be hundreds of parts and bolts scattered everywhere. He took them all out and started sorting them, trying to find out which ones looked alike. He finally got all the parts sorted out after about two hours. He still had no clue what it could be. He looked back in the box and at the bottom there was a piece of paper with a picture of something that seemed to be directions on how to put it together. He figured he should go check on his mom and make sure she wasnít worried about him. He put the paper down and went downstairs, making sure to lock the attic.

He went and ate lunch with Carla then headed back home. The next day he came over and ate lunch with his mom and then headed to the attic. He started putting the pieces together. He did this every day and still had no clue what it was or what he was going to do with it.

After three long months he had it finished. It was a spaceship. It was actually the same type of spaceship that his dad used to go to Earth. As soon as he realized that, he knew what he was going to do with it. He would go and find his dad. He got his aunt to watch his mom for him and bring her lunch every day. He told them that he was going on vacation for a while and off he went to Earth to find his dad.

He had a long trip there, but it went surprisingly well. When he got to Earth, he ended up landing at an airport in Columbus, Ohio. He was very lucky because his dad had always wanted to explore Columbus. He headed off in a cab to find his father. The first place he went was to the police station. He asked if there were any records of a guy named Sam Louis, age fifty-three. There was only one record and that was of Sam becoming a new citizen of Columbus. Jack got the address and phone number of where Sam was thought to live.

The next day he called the house to see if there was anyone even living in the house. The phone number ended up being disconnected. Jack still went to the house just in case Sam had changed the number or something. He knocked on the door. An old woman answered the door. Jack asked if Sam Louis was living there, and she had said that he hadnít lived there in the past four years. She also told him that she was pretty sure that he was living at the homeless shelter about three blocks down the road.

He walked down to the shelter and luckily found his dad with the help of some workers. Sam even had a picture of Jack when he was five-years-old. Sam was perfectly healthy now and had been searching for Jack the whole time. The next day the shelter signed Sam out and he and Jack went back to the spaceship and talked about the whole adventure all the way back to Pluto.

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