Chelsey, Age 13, Haydenville, OH

Waves rolled slowly onto the beach one unusually hot June day. Ron's brother, who was playing in the water a minute ago, was suddenly missing. As I followed the small footprints in the sand, I saw larger footprints nearing the smaller ones. Jack was nowhere to be seen.

Then from my left, I heard a shout. I turned to what I saw was Jack with a lot of bigger men about two times his size carrying him off the beach. I didn't know whether to call for help or go after them. Since there wasn't anyone in sight, I chased after them. As I turned the corner, they were throwing Jack in a black mini-van and speeding away.

Jack was screaming all the way to the end of the block. Jack, despite only being in seventh grade, is a very loud screamer. He was screaming so loudly, almost as if in pain. I started to wonder if this was just a dream, but found out it wasn't when I saw Jack's mother calling him for dinner.

What should I tell her?  Should I say he isn't here? If I tell her that, she will ask where he is. Should I tell her the truth--that he was captured by men in black? Then she will ask me why. Whatever shall I do?

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