Keri, Age 14, Logan, OH

Mitzi was grandma’s beloved dog. Mitzi always chased and bit me. I didn’t like Mitzi, but once in awhile she was fine. She only liked my grandma and no one else.

Mitzi was a spoiled dog. If you gave her dry dog food, she would look at you and turn her head. Also, she only ate a specific kind of dog food.

Mitzi was just like a baby to my grandma. Grandma dressed her up in clothes and took her shopping. My grandma even had shoes for her, too.

I went to my grandma’s house one day after school. My whole family was there to comfort her since Mitzi had died three nights ago. I thought grandma would be very upset, but she wasn’t as bad as I thought.

When I walked over to my grandma to give her a hug, she said, “Mitzi would have wanted me to adopt and rescue another pet, so I have something to show you.”

When Grandma went in her house, the yard was silent. Then my grandma came out with a little dog.

“This is Pork Chops. He’s a rescue dog from the shelter. I need company and he needed a home, so it’s a good deal,” Grandma said.

Grandma set Pork Chops down, and he came running towards me. I thought he was going to bite me, but instead he licked my ankle.

“This is the opposite from Mitzi,” I thought to myself.

I was glad Pork Chops didn’t bite me and found a good home, but in a way I wished it was Mitzi biting me.

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