The Perfect Guy
Katie, Age 13, Logan, OH

I had to admit that my heart did skip a beat when I first met him. But now I don’t like him, not in the least.

It all started when I came into first period one school day. I went to take my seat and that’s when I saw him. He was the cutest boy I’d seen in my entire life. He was extremely tall, and he had long brown hair and very blue eyes.

I tried not to stare as I walked to my seat. My teacher, Mrs. Sheets, said we’d be getting a new student, but I never thought he’d look like that. He was perfect. He was absolutely perfect.

Mrs. Sheets told him to introduce himself to the class.

He stood and said, “Hi, my name’s Drew,” then immediately sat down. From the few words he said, he seemed terribly shy.

I knew that I had to meet him. I could tell other girls were interested in him. As cute as he was, they had to be. I had to make an impression on Drew. Since there was competition, I had to act fast.

As soon as the bell rang Drew ran to the door. I hurried to catch up with him.

“Hey, Drew. I’m Meagan” I said.

“Hi, Meagan,” he said with a grin and walked away. Even though we only talked for a second, I knew he was the guy for me.

I didn’t pay attention in school the rest of the day. I was too focused on Drew, daydreaming about him all day. I just couldn’t get him off my mind. I was so excited for first period the next day.

As I was getting on the bus to go home, I saw Drew sitting right across from my assigned seat. I couldn’t believe he rode my bus too! I thought I was dreaming.
I was very tempted to talk to him, but I was too nervous. I was afraid if I did talk to him that I would say something dumb. So instead I just stared out the window, wondering if he even noticed me.

The next day in first period I was partners with Drew for an assignment. I was also tempted to ask him if he had a girlfriend, so I decided to ask him.

“Drew, do you have a girlfriend?” I asked. Drew stared at me for a few seconds with a really confused look on his face.

“Yeah…” He said.

I started to cry. I felt extremely stupid for thinking a guy this perfect wouldn’t have a girlfriend. Then, Drew started laughing at me.

“You seriously thought that I’d ever even consider dating you?” He said. He looked at me like I was stupid. “That’s really funny!” He exclaimed, still laughing.

After that incident Drew and I didn’t talk ever again. I guess I was wrong about him. I thought he was perfect, but in reality he was far from it.

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